Manifestation and Spiritual Detox

Manifestation and Spiritual Detox

Unity’s Path Reading for November 2011

How are you feeling? Surviving the ride so far? It’s going to be a big one, but don’t let yourself get lost in the depth of the transformational detox, and near instant-manifestation that is already flourishing worldwide! The best news is that every seed you’ve planted in your life that is fertile, healing and abundant is taking shape already. The struggle is that goes for the weeds as well, but keep yourself peaceful, understanding that since any weed surfacing much earlier than normal also gives you the ability to clean up and clear up sooner than you would have before! And doesn’t it feel good to compost out the energy that no longer serves you, and bring in the healing truth that does?

Last month, the focus was on gratitude. How did you do with so much upheaval going on all around you? That is going to be the repeating question for yourself and loved ones: Can you stay in the space of love and gratefulness, even amidst the seeming chaos? Do not allow yourself to get swept away by either too much change, too much energy, or too much stress. Stay grounded and you’ll be a much better navigator when it’s time for take-off! You’ll have a better understanding of the terrain you’re in and a clearer perspective of where you want to venture to next. Understanding where you’re going is absolutely essential now. Any confusion on this urgently requires you to go deep to uncover the tools needed for self-healing and soul activating. You are meant to be peaceful, purpose-filled and on the path that is your passion.

Flying Manifestations and Life-Changing Gifts

Manifestation and Spiritual DetoxSpend time today to deeply access where you are, and what your directive is for the remainder of this year. Do not rush yourself during this major growth spurt unfolding (the energy of this momentum will rush enough for you now). Understand that this phase in the journey is a growing phase not only for your own personal development, but also for the external world around you. You will require yourself to deeply trust more than ever before as you are strongly called to enter a more peaceful consciousness for a smoother journey ahead. Like many growth spurts, yes there will be some discomfort involved, although trust that this is only temporary and move through this process with the focus to transcend. Before you know it, you’ll realize that the time for take-off is just around the corner now, if it hasn’t already happened for you. Manifestation and Spiritual Detox

Most of you will be receiving a lifetime opportunity this month, and it will come in many different guises, depending on how willing you are to uncover it. Be sure to pay attention as this opportunity arises. Do not miss it as it heads in your direction. And when it is already here, be certain to let it be everything it is already destined for. It is also not just arriving for you, but arriving for the many around you. Choose wisely how you will be embracing this gift and whom you will be sharing it with.

Being clean within yourself is becoming more and more necessary as the energy shifts are intensifying and the work you must do is calling louder than ever before. Stay wise. Stay conscious. Stay supplied with clean energy. And most of all, stay in the space of constant surrender to the growth that is taking place; not only within the planet, but within yourself. This fundamental growth is dependent on the changes to be made and fulfilled, chosen by all of us and the actions we take. Yet, even as I write this I find myself laughing, and I hope you let yourself laugh about it out loud as well! For it feels good to laugh, and for those that don’t do enough of the releasing and the laughter, please remind yourself to not start taking yourself or these shifts too seriously. Remember, this energy is not meant to be an unwanted burden holding you or anyone back, but quite the opposite, it should be an uplifting surgence-forward into the return of what once was, while instantaneously propelling you forward to exactly where you need to be, and to that which has never been before.

Are You Ready to Purge Everything Lacking Honour?

Manifestation and Spiritual DetoxLastly, let yourself do away with absolutely everything that does not serve your highest good. This is going to mean HUGE changes for most of you, but allow those changes to be exciting, renewing, a break free breakthrough to inner and outer freedom. These giant leaps will allow you to get out there and make it happen just like you initially promised yourself when you first started out on this plight. Without them, you would be moving too slow and the work needed would not be getting done.

Good luck! Big love! Keep on moving forward friends!

Best In Journeying!


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Please Note: I originally wrote this article above as a contributing columnist to Evolving Beings.

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